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Past Simple Tense - Song/ Chant

Write past tenses into 2 columns: Regular and irregular

 past tenses

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The History of Saint Patrick's Day

Watch the video and answer the questions:

1. When is Saint Patrick celebrated?

2.Where was he born?

3. When was it was it and who ruled the world at that time?

4. Who took him to Ireland?

5. How did he scape and go back home?

6. What did the voice say to him when he grew up?

7. Was his life easy in Ireland?

8. Why are the fields emeral green?

9. What do the 3 leaves of the shamrock represent?

10. What animal disappear from Ireland thanks to Saint Patrick?

Power of Words

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The Five Senses | The Dr. Binocs Show

Answer these questions about the senses:

1. What are the 5 senses and their sense organs?

2.  What can we hear with our ears? Give the examples of the video.

3. How does the sense of smell help us? For exampe?

3. What are the different flavours we can taste?

4. How does the sense of touch help us?

5.What are the different things we can touch?

6. 80% of what we experience as taste is actually....

7. Draw:
3 things we can hear
3 things we can taste
3 things we can touch
3 things we can see
3 things we can smell

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European countries, flags and capitals

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Mountains, plains, rivers, watersheds and countries in Europe

Portuguese and Spanish are very similar because we live in countries with lot of sunlight and warm temperatures. Portuguese like cooking fish, like sardines and cod. Portuguese are very kind and friendly and they love football as much as Spanish people do.

martes, 14 de febrero de 2017

The History of Saint Valentine's Day

Answer the following questions:
1. When did it happen this story?
2. Where did it happen?
3. Who was the Emperor of Rome?
4.  What weren´t the  soldiers allowed to do?
5. Who was the leader of the Christians?
6. Why was he in prison?
7. Who gave him food in prison?
8. What was the miracle he did?
9. What was his final message?
10. When did he die?